Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are in effect for all bookings made on, or after, November 30, 2021.

By completing a reservation of Henningsen Transport & Guiding (HTG) 's Fjordcruise products, the customer accepts the terms and conditions below, as well as the general conditions for activities in Svalbard.

Once a booking has been completed by the customer, by using the online booking system, directly at HTGs office in Longyearbyen, or through phone/email, the booking is considered confirmed, unless the customer, within 4 hours of making the booking, contacts HTG in writing regarding any discrepancies or errors in the booking. 

Payment for all bookings is due at the time of booking.
Preferred method of payment: Most major credit cards.
Alternative methods of payment, available upon request: Cash, VIPPS, or in some individual cases - international money transfer.

Cancellation, changes, and refunds:
A minimum fee of 5% applies to ALL cancellations
  • Cancellation up to 22 days prior to scheduled departure: 5% fee.
  • Cancellation between 21 and 8 days prior to scheduled departure: 50% fee.
  • Cancellation between 7 and 0 days prior to scheduled departure: No refund.
Original cancellation eligibility applies to bookings that are changed to a later date. 
(i.e., a booking that is moved at a time it is eligible for a 50% refund, will only be eligible for a maximum refund of 50%, even if cancelled more than 22 days prior to the new travel date.)

Bookings that are changed less than 4 hours prior to scheduled departure, are considered “no show”, and are not eligible for a refund.

There is no refund in case of
  • illness unless separate voluntary cancellation protection is purchased (see below).

  • delayed or cancelled flights or boats, for any reason.

  • legal matters that affects the travel to/from Svalbard (i.e., Visa, Passport etc.)
A minimum of 8 passengers is needed for the cruise to take place. If this number is not met at the time of departure, HTG may cancel the departure and offer an alternative departure.
A full refund will be issued if a scheduled departure is cancelled by HTG. 
HTG is not liable for any additional and/or 3rd party cost that might occur because of such cancellation or change.

Currency and exchange rates.
The company operates in NOK and our prices are listed in NOK.
Amounts due are in NOK. Any refund will be issued in NOK for the amount originally paid in NOK. No adjustments are made for exchange rates.

Weather, and force majeure disclaimer:

Early in the season, the ice conditions in Isfjorden and Billefjorden may only allow us to observe Barentsburg and Pyramiden from the boat. In such event, the Fjordcruise will follow the ice edge, with a unique chance of wildlife sightings, and magnificent nature views. 
Limited hours of daylight in early spring and late fall can result in reduced visibility and there is no guarantee that Northern lights will be visible during a Northern-light cruise.

The above, and the following conditions, will not affect the price. Nor do they give a reason for any type of refund, fully or partially:

Weather and/or ice-conditions, technical problems, or conditions outside the control of HTG, that
  • causes a change to the scheduled route and/or duration
  • makes it impossible to get close to the glaciers.
  • makes it impossible to dock in Pyramiden or Barentsburg.
  • makes it impossible to pick up or drop off passengers and/or equipment from the sea ice.

Travel Insurance:

We recommend all our guests to carry a personal travel insurance.

Cancellation protection:

A voluntary cancellation protection is available for purchase at the time of booking.

This non-refundable cancellation protection gives the right to cancel if less than 22 days before departure, sudden and serious illness, accident or death of the traveler himself, in his/her household or immediate family (spouse, cohabitant, child, parent, parents-in-law or sibling) prevents or does it is irresponsible for the traveler to undertake the journey.
The traveler must notify Henningsen Transport & Guiding of the cancellation as soon as it is clear that the journey cannot be completed. The incident must be documented by a medical certificate, sent to us within one week of cancellation, prepared on a separate form approved by the Norwegian Medical Association and the Norwegian Travel Industry Association. 
The traveler is entitled to a refund of the amount paid, less applicable fees and the cancellation protection price.

Assigned vessel:
HTG can, without prior notice, change the assigned vessel for a specific departure. Such change will not affect the price charged or paid for the specific departure.

One-way tickets:

HTG is only selling full day round trip tickets on our Fjordcruises. Guests are welcome to leave or join the boat "half way" in Pyramiden or Barentsburg. This does not affect the ticketprice.

Injury Liability Waiver:

HTG is not liable for injuries that might occur due to weather conditions or failure to follow posted signs and/or the directions from the crew.

P&I and SaR Insurance:

All guests are covered by HTGs insurances while participating to activities arranged by HTG. HTGs coverage seizes to exist at the time the guest leaves the vessels and/or vehicle in Barentsburg or Pyramiden to participate in any activity arranged by “Arctic Travel Company Grumant” (including, but not limited to, guided tour of Barentsburg or Pyramiden), or where the guest has purchased a one-way transport with HTG to Barentsburg or Pyramiden and is leaving the vessel/vehicle for this reason. Upon reentering the vessel and/or vehicle, the guests will again be covered by HTGs insurances.

Transport of cargo:

Cargo transported on HTGs vessels, or vehicles, is not covered by HTGs insurances. The shipper is solely responsible for necessary coverage for the cargo shipped.

Failure to follow any of the following procedures may lead to financial and/or legal responsibilities for the involved guest/s:

Drugs and Alcohol:
It is not allowed to consume your own alcohol on-board. Alcohol brought aboard is subject to confiscation.

Guests that are executing improper or threatening behavior or are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, may be denied entry to, or removed from, our vessels/vehicles, and may be required to purchase a new return ticket from Pyramiden or Barentsburg for a later departure. HTG cannot guarantee availability on later departures. There is no refund given for any cost related to such behavior or influence. This includes, but is not limited to, the original ticket, cost of accommodation in Pyramiden or Barentsburg as well as the cost of a new return ticket to Longyearbyen.


All firearms shall be surrendered to the ship’s crew upon entering the vessel. All ammunition and bolt shall be kept by the owner.
Flammables, combustibles, or explosives cannot be brought on-board unless permitted by the captain.


The use of drones is prohibited in Longyearbyen. The use of drones closer than 5 km from the airport is prohibited.
The use of drones or UAV's is not permitted from HTGs vessels unless previous arrangements have been made with the Company.

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