The War in Ukraine

People from multiple nations live closely together in Svalbard; we are neighbours, friends, family, work colleagues and classmates.  We have guests from all over the world. We want peace not war.

Henningsen Transport & Guiding AS is therefore not taking part in any form of sanction or boycott towards our neighbours in Barentsburg. We will continue our Fjordcruise departures towards, including docking in, Barentsburg and Pyramiden.

It is our clear understanding that sanctions against Russian businesses in Svalbard primarily will have a negative effect on the local population in Barentsburg and not on the Russian administration in Moscow.  If future sanctions should be applied towards Russian businesses, inclusive of those on Svalbard, they should be decided on a national level – not local. 

We are going to live and work together in Svalbard throughout these severely hard times, even after the acts of war in Ukraine is behind us. A boycott of Trust Arcticugol's tourist industry will neither hit the right target, nor create stability and good relations at present or for the future.

Basing our stand on a human aspect, it is our wish that the people-to-people relationship between the Russian and Ukrainian people of Barentsburg and the local population in Longyearbyen will continue as normal as possible. Together we unite through meetings between people, nature, the return of the light, compassion and hope for the future.

We look forward to welcome you onboard and appreciate the possibility to share Barentsburg and Pyramiden with you!

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