Fjord-Cruise towards The Nordenskiöld Glacier & Pyramiden

Early season Fjord-cruise.
Early in the season, the ice conditions in Isfjorden and Billefjorden may only allow us to observe Pyramiden from the boat.

In such case, this cruise will be identical to our Fjord cruise to the ice edge in Billefjorden - a wonderful journey with a unique chance of wildlife sightings, and magnificent nature views.

Either cruise is possible to book - as the itineraries will be the same.


Adult (14+)
NOK 2300
Child (2-13)
NOK 1500
Children under 2 yrs: Free | Group reates available upon request


Bus pickup
11 hours
Norwegian, English


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We set course towards Pyramiden and the Nordenskiöld glacier. With vast opportunities to experience the arctic wildlife, keep your eyes open and look for whales, seals, and a plethora of birds by the bird cliff of Diabas. And if we are really lucky, a Polar Bear might be roaming around by the glacier.
The guide on board the ship will talk about the history of Longyearbyen, glaciers, arctic wildlife, and possibly also a “polar tall tale” or two…

We will disembark in Pyramiden, where the Russian guide is waiting to take us on a guided tour of this Arctic ghost town. He greets us with a heartily: “Welcome to Russia!” A visit inside some of the abandoned buildings as included in the tour.
In Pyramiden polar bears might roam the streets, so it is important to stay together as a group.

On our way back to Longyearbyen, we will pass by Skansbukta, where the guide will tell us about the tragic happenings at Svenskhuset (The Swedish house)

We look forward to welcome you aboard, and we appreciate the opportunity to assist you in writing a new entry in your travel diary!

Feeling Adventurous?

Contact us to explore the possibility of an overnight stay in Pyramiden between Saturdays and Sundays


8:15am Bus pickup from airport/camping
8:30am Bus pickup from hotels/accommodation
9am Departure from Longyearbyen
1pm* Nordenskiöld glacier - Lunch
2pm* Arrival Pyramiden
4pm* Departure Pyramiden
7:30pm* Arrival Longyearbyen
*Above times depends on weather, wind, wildlifesightings and field drop off/pick up.

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Few Clouds
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Saturday -23.12°C / -18.31°C Clear Sky
Sunday -21.17°C / -16.17°C Scattered Clouds
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